Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival
2-3-4 June
Yer: Behind of Alanya Municipality ALANYA

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Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival

Alanya – the climate, the extraordinary beauty of the nature, apart from its rich cultural heritage and hospitable and tolerant feature, is the favourite place of the domestic and foreign tourists, as well as foreign settlers. These multiple features have made Alanya one of the most recognisable and important national and international places.

The Alanya Municipality, assuming the right of protection of the valuable assets of the city and carrying the activities for it, is contributing to their promotion. As an example of the activities carried, it was made a decision N. 19/B of the Council held a meeting on 14.06.2002 to implement the International Tourism and Art Festival every last week of the May every year. The Festival shall be held each year on an international level to promote the cultural values and heritage of Alanya with different themes and participation of sister cities. The Festivals held up to nowadays were aimed at promotion of the forgotten obsolescent values of our cultural. All the Festivals held so far in this context were inspired by the Seljuq period, silk culture, weaving, local foods, nomadic migrations, as well as bananas. The festival area now also has become a tradition and reflects the contributions of foreigners and people of Alanya from the past that is displayed in black and white photography exhibition.

Delegations from sister cities and foreigners - residents of Alanya are actively participating during the festivals in a music and dance performances as well as in exhibitions at Kizilkule and historical sites around the different themes.

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